Battery Charging Equipment, for various Industrial Applications, particularly for the Power Stations and Projects. Our Battery Charging Equipment are Tailor made feature and provisions for various types of Batteries, whether Flooded type Lead Acid Batteries, Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries or Nickel Cadmium Batteries. We also supply Battery Charging Equipment along with the required Set of suitably rated batteries as a package. Mainly the Battery Chargers are classified in to 3 types, which are as follows:


      This type of Battery Charging Equipment comprises of a Float Charger and a Float cum Boost Charger interlocked to provide uninterrupted power supply to the DC Load Bus, thus the efficient and accident free operation of the High Voltage Switchgear is ensured.

      Here we provide a Float charger and a Float cum Boost Charger; Float Charger for keeping the Batteries in floating and to feed the Continuous Load of the Switchgear DC Coils and instrumentation; and the Float cum Boost Charger to recharge the Batteries Automatically or Manually (As desired by the operator) in Boost Mode once it gets discharged.

      Secondly, the Float cum Boost charger can also act as the Float Charger in case of the working Float Charger is faulty. This ensures the uninterrupted DC Supply at the Load Bus.

      Traction Battery Chargers

      The Traction Battery Chargers of Older Design incorporating Inductive Ballast Chokes for limiting Charging Currents and a Timer Arrangement for Terminating the Charging have proved to be totally unsatisfactory, when we want to efficiently carry out the Recharging of the Traction Batteries, after one Shift of Forklift Truck Operation.

      The Traction Battery Chargers of Old Design with Inductive Ballast Chokes and the Timer Arrangement have the following disadvantages:

      1. Longer Recharging Durations due to Non-Adoption of Constant Current Charging.

      2. Lack of provision for Setting / Controlling Starting and Finishing Rate Charging Currents.

      3. No Reliability in the method of determining the Point of Termination of Charging.

      4. Strong Possibility of Undercharging before Gassing and Overcharging after Gassing.

      5. Wide Variations in Battery Charging Current due to AC Mains Input Voltage Fluctuations.

      New Generation Battery Chargers

      The Inherent Disadvantages of the Conventional Older Design of Traction Battery Chargers are completely eliminated in the New Generation Traction Battery Chargers. The Thyristor (SCR) Controlled New Generation Traction Battery Chargers are of Constant Current Type, both for the higher Starting Current up to the Point of Gassing and also the lower Finishing Current after Gassing. The Charging Current is reduced automatically at the Gassing Point from the Starting Level to the Finishing Level and the Currents can be Pre-Set and can be altered according to convenience. The set Currents remain Constant with a Stability of + 2%, without getting reduced as the Battery picks up Charge or without getting changed as the Mains AC Input Voltage fluctuates. The end of Charging is precisely sensed to Terminate Charging.


      You might have always felt that there is a need for an external Float cum Boost Charger for the Starter Battery of the DG Set. Even though the Dynamo coupled to the DG Set is meant for keeping the Starter Battery in charged condition, the same is not normally effective because, the Battery can get charged through the Dynamo, only when the DG Set works for some time. Since usually the DG Set is not in operation for many days, the Dynamo is not effective to keep the Battery in charged condition. As a result, the state of charge of the Battery Set goes down and down every day and ultimately when the DG Set has to be started, there will be no sufficient energy in the Battery for starting the DG Set. It is for this reason, there is always a need of an external Float cum Boost Charger, which will keep the Battery Float charged or Boost charged, depending upon the requirement of the Battery.

      The following are the essential functional requirements of the External Float cum Boost Charger that monitors the state of charge of the Starter Battery of a DG Set.

      1. The main function of the External Float cum Boost Charger is to keep the already charged Battery in fully charged condition, by compensating the continuous Internal Losses taking place in the Battery. This will ensure Battery to be in a fully charged and healthy condition to be able to provide the full power for starting the DG Set, whenever called for.

      2. The second requirement of the External Float Charger is that it should changeover automatically from Float Mode to Boost mode, whenever the Battery is down and upon Boost Charging the Battery, the Charger should return automatically to the Float mode. This automatic changeover from Float to Boost and vice versa, not only eliminates any Manual attention to the Battery, but it also ensures the Battery to be in a full state of charge all the time.

      3. The Float cum Boost Charger should be necessarily be an SCR Controlled Charger having DC Output stabilisation of + 1% in both Float and Boost modes, so that even if the AC Mains Input Voltage goes up or down, the DC Output Voltage of the Charger will remain stabilised within + 1%, eliminating any fear of Undercharging or Overcharging of the Batteries, that can be caused due to AC Mains Voltage Fluctuation. A Manually controlled Charger without DC Output Voltage Stabilisation is as good as not having the External Charger.

      The Floating Voltage is Set at 2.20 V per Cell, i.e. 26.4 V for the 24 V Battery and the Boost Charge Voltage is a Constant Voltage of 2.40 V per Cell, i.e. 28.8 V for the 24 V Battery. In the boost mode, the maximum charging current is limited to 6 Amps., which is the safe and practical value of the Boost Charging Current


    Low Voltage Distribution panels for Main Incomer and Sub-main Distribution Panels and Small Power Distribution boards. We manufacture Power Distribution Panels with reliable components manufactured by reputed manufacturers like L&T, Siemens, ABB or Schneider in different Forms namely Form 2, 3 or 4 suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Applications. We also manufacture the below mentioned Panels:

    1. Manual Transfer Switch

    2. Automatic Transfer Switch

    3. Automatic or Manual Power Factor Correction Panels

    4. Lighting Control Panel


    Motor Starter Panels for with Direct Online and Star/Delta type for special application with various logical operations. We Design and Manufacture Control Panels with Relay base control and Programmable Logistic Control. We also manufacture Soft Starter Panels and VFD Controlled Starter Panels for specific applications.


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